Whether your book is in your head, your closet or your laptop, fear is the only obstacle in your way.

Challenging subject matter? No worries, we’ll deal with the details together.

Financial concerns? We can space work out to accommodate your needs.

Not sure where to begin? Begin with me.

Whether your needs are for editing, rewrites or ghostwriting, I will help shape what’s in your head, release what’s in your closet and turn your laptop file into a manuscript ready for hard copy or eBook release.

What Do My Clients Say

“Jill Yris, my editor, gave me invaluable guidance to make this story a worthy art form. Her insightful prodding catapulted my vision to an accurate piece of literature.” Mark Carney

Editing, Ghostwriting, Rewrites


“Your article has brought me much spiritual good fortune. When folks want to know about me I simply send them to “Every Picture Tells a Story” on the internet. Beats the hell out of a resume. Jill, I am so grateful to you and your gifts.” John Wright, photographer, videographer.


“Your willingness to edit this difficult subject matter has released me to be the man I am and to fulfill the role the Universe has for me.” Anonymous Client


“Thank you for sending me beyond where I might have gone with your challenging ‘homework.'” Mark Carney, Author


Jill Yris, a Marco Island/Naples, Florida resident, is an established writer of magazine features, web and business work as well as ghostwriting and editing books. Combining logical and linear with creative and clever, her unique style captures relevance, atmosphere, emotion and humanity. Her portfolio includes national subjects such as actress Shirley Jones, Wall Street Journalist Foster Winans, renowned artist Taylor Oughton and Coach Johnny Majors.

Copywriting and editing experience includes business plans and brochures, executive summary’s, documents, web content, press releases, bio’s, newsletters and speeches for: Corporations, periodicals, non-profit organizations, public relations firms, advertising agencies, individual actors, artists and musicians, medical and dental offices, local and regional print, radio, online and broadcast news affiliates.

A solid background of ghostwriting and editing published books: Currently with 3 books in various stages of production. Recognized for hands-on experience with authors through entire creative process from original notes to book launch, hard copy or eBook. Passionate about maintaining author’s premise, voice and confidentiality.

Feature articles include: Suburban Life Magazines, Philadelphia Music Makers Magazine, University of Virginia Magazine, Calkins Media, Bucks County Herald, ING, Naples Daily News; Savoir:Fare column for Fluent Magazine.

Public Relations Director: The International School of Shiatsu, Tyler Park Center for the Arts and The Community Conservatory.

Video content and production. LinkedIn



“Experienced writers seek out help to navigate their way from the first raw text to the finished published book. For me as a first time author, that journey seemed ominous. Writing the first draft was the easy part. After that, the process looked as if it would be a trek filled with potholes. Then I got very lucky. I looked for someone to edit my book. I found Jill Yris. Although, Jill agreed to edit my book, she did a lot more. Jill helped me traverse through all the steps to bring my work to the market. She became my friend and someone who welcomed bouncing ideas around while always responding with honest answers. Without Jill, my essays would still be saved in a file on my computer.” – Author Andy Strum; Essays From A Fed-Up Middle-Aged, Middle-Class American

Author Testimonial

“Working with Jill Yris as your editor is like working with a kind, supportive friend – who really knows her stuff.” Sally Morgan, author, vocal trainer; SingLikeYouSpeak


“Every word coming out from Jill’s pen is a form of celebration of life. Jill is the most sincere, genuine, thoughtful, caring person I have ever worked with. Jill’s writing style is precise with the fact and graceful with the expression. I consider myself blessed to have Jill as a colleague.” Pianist Helen Lin, Helen Lin International Conservatory of Music and voted one of the top eight musicians in the world by the Web Concert Hall International Competition.

My Services

My work is about my authors.
Their needs. Do it right.
Their wants. Our rapport.
Their style. Give me more!

My professional background includes being actively published since 1998 as well as working for and alongside editors and publishers. Also, I was Publicity Director for several non-profits, which lead to a steady source of interviewing and writing about actors, artists, healers and musicians.

My resume also includes writing speeches, web pages and magazine features, medical and dental articles, local and regional print, radio, online and broadcast news affiliates.

Why am I telling you this? Because it all leads to the ability to shape a manuscript into a quality finished product.

For instance, I ghostwrote a memoir about a former football player turned businessman; edited an exciting book on getting lost at sea and a campy-style fiction with laugh-out-loud humor.

My editing goes beyond ‘grammar control.’ Sometimes a certain character demands more depth, a scene needs tighter dialogue or a ‘great phrase’ must be cut out. But rest assured, inevitably, it will later fit into a spot where a ‘great phrase’ leads to an even greater ending.


Book Signing

Jill Yris at book signing with SWFL author